New Art Exhibition

27th of April – 27th of June 2019


It is a great pleasure to invite all of you tomy art exhibition „In Silence“ which takes place in lovely Globe cafe in Prague centre. The exhibition opening will take place at 18:00. Please join me for a drink and to see my newest paintings. Im looking forward to see you all!
Všechny Vás srdečně zvu na mou výstavu „V Tichosti“, která proběhne v cafe Globe v centru Prahy. Vernisáž proběhne 27.4. od 18:00. Přijďte se podívat na mé nejnovější malby a dát si drink! Budu se na všechny těšit.

Barbora is 27 years old painter and an illustrator, aslo known under an alias Barbara von Grim. She just finished her studies at AVU (Academy of Fine Arts) in Prague at an atelier of professor Michael Rittstein. In the most recent years, she has been focused on oil and acrylic painting techniques. She also does pen and illustrations, that have appeared in several book publications. She’s been fully engaged in painting since 2007, when she began her studies at an art highschool.

Topic she’s been most interested in is painting of interiors – halls, domestic rooms, long abandoned places, or monumental libraries, that are challenging mainly because of the perspective . Although Barbora is mostly fascinated by light-work, angle of sunlight through the windows from the outside, creating magical play of shadows and sharp light. She’s trying to capture these elements in various forms. Apart from interiors, Barbora also likes to paint the architecture from the outside, in the exterior, inspired mainly by the architecture of rural United States, from Victorian colonial mansions, to simple wooden houses and desolate farms and barns. Her paintings aim to capture nostalgia, peace and somewhat silent loneliness.

Barbora’s painting is very closely connected to literature. The mood, the atmosphere and the surroundings are likely to reflect a book she’s reading. Inspiration comes mainly from Stephen King, J.R.R. Tolkien or H.P. Lovecraft, writers who employ dark and mysterious atmosphere, even horror.

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Born 30.8.1991

Art & Exhibitions

Besides regularly exhibiting art from local and traveling artists, the Globe is proud to have our permanent collection often on exhibit comprised of the divergent but complementary styles of leading regional artist Andreij Umiastowski (Poland), Roman Zakrzewski (Poland) and Alexei Federenko (Ukrainain). The humor and depth of Umistowski’s works often inspires thoughts of the absurdity of life with colorful, emotional overtones, while the idiosyncratic nature and beauty of Zakrzewski’s work shows an influence of Amedeo Modigliani while also maintaining a style and texture all his own. These two very different styles complement each other very well and are often on display together. Lastly, the unique and eccentric hand etched prints by Alexei Federenko, which are on display and also for sale, provide a glimpse into the surreal and fantastical and provide a great addition to any of customers’ eclectic collections.

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Oleksiy Fedorenko
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