The Globe Café provides a comfortable, beautiful and unique meeting place in the center of Prague for artists, writers, students, professionals and travelers to enjoy top quality locally roasted coffee, a broad range of tasty food, and drinks and cocktails of all kinds. We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner service daily and on the weekend’s we have one of Prague’s longing running and best American Brunch menus. The café is also internet friendly and showcases art exhibitions from some of the regions leading artists and is set in a beautiful 130 year-old historic building in the heart of Prague with nine meter vaulted ceilings. We have an active events calendar and regularly host movies, live music, literary readings, sports and other special events (Events Calendar). Our menu is American influenced and provides our customers with a broad range of options, including many of their “comfort food” favorites, such as the best burgers and buffalo wings that you will find in the Czech Republic, while also introducing other exciting cosmopolitan and vegetarian dishes from around the world and we make all of our desserts in-house from scratch. During the summer, we have a large patio for our customers to enjoy. The Café is also available for private parties and corporate events.

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Globe Gourmet Coffee


The Globe is proud to offer Gourmet Coffee, also known as specialty or premium coffee, which is made of high quality coffee beans, grown under ideal conditions, in climates perfectly suited to coffee plant growing.  Our coffee features unique and distinctive tastes that usually reflect the qualities and characteristics of the soil and region that produce it.  Our coffees are also partially defined by their contrast to commercial coffees and we are committed to offering quality, taste selection, and freshness that is not seen in commercial coffee manufacture.  We also offer our customers the ability to buy whole beans or freshly ground coffee to go from varying single origins, or special blends that are unique, robust and top quality.

Ultimately, The Globe is serious about our coffee and our philosophy is about offering the highest quality and freshness possible.  We ensure that our local roaster buys only the best grades of coffee: high grown mild beans, carefully prepared, which display excellent cup quality and taste.  When you drink our Coffee, you will undoubtedly taste the difference in quality that exists at every level of the coffee production and brewing process.