Čtení poezie – James Ragan

 In Doporučujeme

pecial Guest James Ragan Will Read His Poetry on Friday July 24th from 7pm

on Our Patio at Globe

James Ragan is an internationally recognized poet, playwright, and screenwriter. Translated into twelve languages, he is the author of eight books of poetry including In the Talking Hours, Womb-Weary, The Hunger Wall, Lusions, Selected Poetry, The World Shouldering I, Too Long a Solitude, and co-editor of Yevgeny Yevtushenkp, Collected Poems. Honored as an ambassador of poetry, he has read for six heads of state, including Mikhail Gorbachev, Vaclav Havel, and Vaclav Klaus and in various countries including China, Japan, England, France, Sweden, Brazil, and the Czech Republic. In 1985, he was one of four poets from the West, including Seamus Heaney, Robert Bly, and Bob Dylan, invited to perform at the 1st International Poetry Festival in Moscow. Ragan’s honors include three Fulbright Professorships, two Honorary Doctorates, the Emerson Poetry Prize, eight Pushcart Prize nominations, a Poetry Society of America Citation and the Swan Foundation Humanitarian Award. Over the years Ragan has also written for the stage and film with original plays,The Landlord and Commedia, produced in the U.S., China, Greece, and the Soviet Union.

He has worked as a screenwriter at Paramount Pictures and in various production capacities during the making of THE BORDER, „DOM“ (THE HOUSE), „CLOWNWISE“ and the Academy Award winners THE GODFATHER and THE DEER HUNTER. He has a Ph.D. and served for 25 years as the Director of the Graduate Professional Writing Program at the University of Southern California. In 1996 BUZZ Magazine named Ragan one of the „100 Coolest People in Los Angeles: Those Who Make a Difference.“ He is the subject of a 2015 feature documentary on his life in the arts, „Flowers and Roots“ (Arina Films).

„James Ragan’s poems are satisfying and distinctive, full of arresting collocations and striking phrases.“         U.S. Poet Laureate Richard Wilbur 

„James Ragan dominates the art of image, the art of poetic line, and the art of poetic narration with insight that marks major poets.“    Nobel Prize Nominee Miroslav Holub

„James Ragan’s fine-grained and witty poems move us through a remakable range of history and geography, thematic variety and tonal dexterity.“      Pulitzer Prize Winner C.K. Williams

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