Book Reading by Rick Pryll

June 29, 2018 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Book Reading by Rick Pryll

Book Reading by Author Rick Pryll – Chimera of Prague

About the author

Rick Pryll is an award-winning author and poet, best known for his hyperfiction short story “LIES”.

First published to the web in 1994, “LIES” has garnered praise from the Wall Street Journal, SHIFT magazine, and several other publications in print and online.  It is cited in more than seven books, has been translated into Spanish and Chinese, and continues to be featured on the curriculae at several institutions of higher learning.

Rick and his wife, painter Holly Spruck, live and work in Charlotte, North Carolina.  They have two children and three cats.

From 1996 to 2002 Rick lived in Prague, in the Czech Republic.  While there he published two books including displaced (foolishness press, 1998) and WALLOW (foolishness press, 1999).  His stories and poems have been featured on the pages of THINK and OPTIMISM.

Rick attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned a degree in Mechanical Engineering by submitting a novella entitled “Goliath” as his thesis.  In 1991, Rick won MIT’s Robert A. Boit Prize for Best Short Story (“Pathbeater”).

Rick was born in Dunkirk, New York on the shores of Lake Erie. From the age of 3 he grew up in Batavia, New York, attending and graduating from Pembroke Central High School in 1988.

His latest book, “The Chimera of Prague” came out on November 17, 2017.


About the book  ” The Chimera of Prague”

Joseph is a twenty-something American living in Prague, the Czech Republic.  He calls it a “gap year”; for Joseph it’s a gap between his devastating divorce, and his uncertain future.

Living in this magically romantic city, Joseph obsesses over a waitress.  If it weren’t for the parade of distracting women, he might have a shot with Karina, the tall slender Czech model-wanna-be.  He keeps a journal, and finds himself digging through fragments of memory to try and discover where things went wrong in his first love.  The story-within-the-story uses geology, and numerous other subjects, to frame, and perhaps explain, the emotional content.  An ode to Western New York, peppered with a barrage of 80’s pop culture references, creating a tumultuous rendering of love lost.

But the real love story here is between Joseph and his adopted city, Prague. The journey was never to find someone he could love, but rather to unearth a way to love himself again.

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