Philotalks: In Conversation with C.G Jung’s Red Book

December 15, 2018 @ 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm
Philotalks: In Conversation with C.G Jung's Red Book

Philotalks: In Conversation with C.G Jung’s Red Book

The recently published Red Book (2009) is a personal account of psychiatrist C.G Jung’s battle with the unconscious. While he himself came to call this experience a mid-life crisis this talk will present Jung’s descent into his psyche as an opportunity to open up a space of conversation and of thought, the third space where the conscious and unconscious realm interact with one another. Topics that will be touched upon: the divided man, the quest for the soul, the process of individuation and the possibilities of a coming-together of two types of thought – what C.G Jung will call dreaming fantasy-thinking and directed thinking.

No previous knowledge is required.

Speaker: Clara Melniczuk is a writer, Phd./Researcher in Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought. Her approach is inter-disciplinary and most of her talks combine reflections and examples drawn from poetry, Western and Eastern philosophy, theology, cinema, and day-to-day anecdotes…

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